Father's Day Sale!

C A N A D A ’ S P O W E R S P O R T S L E A D E R ! 5 RETAIL STORES: GUELPH (519) 822-7081 | INNISFIL (705) 431-9364 | SUDBURY (705) 566-8111 | WHITBY (905) 619-8000 40 % OFF MSL! UP TO LIMITED TIME OFFER! 40 % OFF MSL! LIMITED TIME OFFER! 25 % OFF REG! LIMITED TIME OFFER! SHO-1 Custom designed to suit your SHOEI premium helmet and includes a replace- able battery for those extra-long rides. Within a 1.6 KM range, you can connect with 8 additional riders, have a 4-way or 2-way full-duplex intercom conference call. Music Sharing feature. Pair with up to 2 phones simultaneously, stream music via A2DP or MP3, connect to your GPS and enjoy the built in FM radio. Visit: www.cardosystems.com for more information & features. DESCRIPTION PART # REG SALE!* Single (1 Unit) 12-210052 319 239 Multiset (2 Units) 12-210053 539 399 FATHER’S DAY SPECIAL! FATHER’S DAY SPECIAL! SAVE 25% OFF REG WHEN PURCHASED WITH ANY SHOEI HELMET! :: SHOP SHOEI HELMETS :: *Discount will be applied by our customer service representative prior to final invoicing.* *Results may vary according to terrain. *Results may vary according to terrain. SMARTPACK SMARTPACK’s DMC™ (Dynamic Meshwork Communication) Intercom mode, a group of 4 riders can communicate at a remarkable range of up to 3 miles / 5 km. This, in addition to Bluetooth connectivity with mobile phones, GPS, music, FM radio and other Bluetooth communication systems. Includes interchangeable hybrid and corded microphone. DESCRIPTION PART # REG MSL SALE! Single (1 Unit) 12-210205 319 474.99 287.10 Multiset (2 Units) 12-210206 579 843.99 521.10 DESCRIPTION PART # REG MSL SALE! Single (1 Unit) 12-210207 279 423.99 251.10 Multiset (2 Units) 12-210208 479 727.99 431.10 PACKTALK Dual-core wireless technologies for a stable and active communication network. Full backward compatibility with other Scala Rider ® models. DMC TM mode compliment and expand standard Bluetooth ® connectivity. DMC TM technology constantly forms and re-assembles its virtual network to assure that communication among large groups (at least 10 riders) remains uninterrupted. Whenever a Cardo Packtalk TM user cannot directly connect with group members who are beyond the reach of the intercom, it will re-connect to the most suitable other member in the group in order to ‘leapfrog’ the connection to the remote Packtalk TM user. Virtually seamless and adjusts within split seconds to maintain an active network. Cardo SmartSet App for Android and iOS devices enables the use of a smartphone as a remote control. It allows for operation of all main features such as A2DP, intercom, FM radio and mobile calls. Up to 1.6 KM unit-to-unit (8 KM multi-hop). Includes interchangeable hybrid and corded microphone.