Bikeman Performance

Bikeman Performance Stage 2 Clutch Kit (6000-12000') - 06-23-204

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Bikeman performance clutch kits are designed to optimize performance for your machine. The high altitude machines are designed to have very quick throttle response in deep snow and boondocking, yet also have a strong pull up the mountain. These kits are developed and extensively tested in the Rocky Mountains of the USA and Canada. One key benefit to the BMP stage two kit is the smooth shift bearing for the driven clutch. No other company has this unique feature. The smooth shift bearing replaces the stock slider bushings under the spring. The smooth shift bearing will eliminate any friction produced from the stock bushing that must twist and push against the helix when the clutch is opening. The custom helix was designed to accept this special bearing along with a stiffer driven clutch spring. The combination produces wicked throttle response and also more aggressive acceleration. Some models get oversize rollers, while others receive an adjustable pin kit. The primary spring is also changed to improve throttle response and acceleration. This is the first performance mod you should do to your E-Tec. Outstanding performance for your money. Some of these clutch kits do not include an adjustable pin kit. Kits that do not come with a pin kit will work with stock to slightly modified machines. If you are purchasing a kit without an adjustable pin kit and running significant performance modifications (7hp or more over stock) you may want to consider ordering a pin kit separately.
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