SuperATV Grab Bar Cup Holder for Polaris

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Never Get Thirsty with a Better Cup Holder
The cup holder situation on your Polaris RZR is bad. You get two spots that are almost impossible to reach when you’re harnessed in. Upgrade to SuperATV’s Polaris RZR Grab Bar Cup Holder to get two extra cup holders that are easier to reach and stay cooler than factory cup holders.

Designed for Big Containers
We don’t know what cups your bringing, so we made this cup holder big enough to carry almost anything. Whether you have cans with koozies, larger tumblers, or a thermos, they’ll most likely fit in our two 3.25” cup holders.

Installs on Your Grab Bar Easily
Our RZR cup holder installs quickly and easily with a single M8 bolt. With the option of bolting it on with a friction mount or using the grab bar’s pin holes, you get a perfect fit that won’t come loose.

  • Made of heavy-duty steel
  • Fits 3.25” diameter containers
  • Provides easy access to your drinks while harnessed in
  • Keeps drinks cooler than factory cup holders
  • Includes two cup holders in a single mount
  • Installs easily on your passenger grab bar
More Information
Mfg. Part Number CH-P-RZRXP-01