DNA Atlas 6-Ply Rated Tire

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The Atlas 6-Ply Rated Tire is a robust, all-terrain utility tire designed for ATV and UTV applications. Built to withstand demanding conditions, this tire offers enhanced durability and superior performance across various terrains, making it ideal for both recreational riders and professionals who require reliable traction and stability.


6-Ply Construction: The tire's 6-ply rated bias construction ensures superior strength, providing excellent resistance against punctures and other damage, making it perfect for rough terrains.
Non-Directional Tread Pattern: This design allows for predictable cornering and optimal performance on various surfaces, including desert, dirt, and rocky terrains.
Extra Lugs on Shoulder: Additional lugs on the tire’s shoulder protect the sidewall and rim, enhancing durability and offering extra grip for climbing over obstacles.
Lightweight Design: The lighter weight of the tire compared to similar models ensures quicker spooling and better overall handling.


Available Sizes: 27x9-12, 27x11-12, 26x8-14, 26x9-14, 26x10-14, 26x11-14, 27x9-14, 27x11-14, 29x9-14, 29x11-14
Tread Pattern: Non-Directional
Construction: 6-Ply Bias
Applications: Suitable for desert, dirt, and rock terrains
Weight: Lighter than similar tires for better handling

Atlas Tires have a strong reputation for manufacturing high-quality, durable tires designed for off-road and all-terrain use. The 6-ply rating is a testament to the tire’s robust construction, ensuring it can handle heavy loads and tough conditions. Customers and experts alike commend its durability and performance, particularly in challenging environments. This tire is also comparable to the well-regarded BigHorn 2.0, further cementing its reliability and quality.

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