Composit M67-3R Snowmobile Track

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The Composit M67-3R Mountain Track is a high-performance snowmobile track specifically designed for challenging mountain terrains and deep powder conditions. It features a unique compound and innovative design to provide optimal traction and control in soft, deep snow, making it a must-have for avid snowmobilers seeking superior performance in mountainous environments.

  • Wide Spaced Scooped Lug Design: This design ensures ultimate traction and effectively eliminates snow packing in loose powder, providing a smooth ride.
  • Modified Side Lugs: Offers excellent side-hilling traction and control, enhancing the snowmobile's stability and maneuverability on steep slopes.
  • Center Porting: This feature allows for efficient elimination of snow and enhances overall traction, contributing to a more stable and controlled ride.
  • Unique Compound for Deep Powder: The track is made with a compound specifically formulated to excel in soft, deep powder conditions.
  • Lightweight 2 Ply Construction: Ensures the track is both durable and lightweight, optimizing performance without adding unnecessary weight to the snowmobile.

The Composit M67-3R Mountain Track is a product of Composit, a company known for its expertise in creating high-quality snowmobile tracks. The track's design and materials are the result of extensive research and innovation in the field, ensuring reliability and performance in challenging snow conditions. The Composit M67-3R Mountain Track stands out for its specialized design that caters to the needs of snowmobilers in mountainous and deep powder conditions, offering enhanced traction, control, and durability.

  • Model Variants: M67-262-5435-3R and other variants with different dimensions.
  • Pitch: 3.50 inches.
  • Weight: Approximately 51 pounds for the 154-inch model.
  • Compatibility: Suitable for a wide range of snowmobile models, including Ski-doo and Polaris, with specific center porting for certain Polaris models.
*Note: The 3R denotes the center ported track which allows bolt on application to all Ski-doo models and all the Polaris models. Some Polaris models need these center ports for their anti-ratchet center driveshaft sprocket.

Simply order the size that fits your machine (check your OEM manual for correct track size and pitch).

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