Highway 2 HS310 Spartan MC Helmet

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The Bell Rogue MC Helmet stands out with its distinctive style and practical features, blending the minimalism of a half helmet with the comfort of a 3/4 helmet. This helmet is designed for motorcycle riders who appreciate the freedom of an open-face helmet but also want the option for additional facial protection. Bell is renowned for its high-quality construction and innovative designs in motorcycle helmets. The Rogue MC Helmet is a testament to Bell's commitment to safety, comfort, and style. It's designed for riders who want the ease of an open-face helmet but with the option for more protection when needed.

Adjustable Muzzle: The Rogue includes a unique adjustable and removable muzzle, offering protection against road debris and weather elements. This feature adds an aggressive aesthetic to the helmet while providing practical benefits.
Construction and Material: Made from a lightweight composite shell, the helmet offers a comfortable fit without compromising on safety.
Comfort Liner: Features a removable and washable microfiber, antimicrobial, and antibacterial interior that ensures the helmet remains fresh and clean.
Safety Standards: Meets or exceeds DOT regulations, ensuring it provides adequate protection and meets necessary safety standards.
Ventilation: Although it's an open-face helmet, the design includes sufficient ventilation to keep the rider cool and comfortable.
Fidlock Magnetic Connection: The muzzle is equipped with a Fidlock magnetic connection system, which makes it easy to remove or adjust even while wearing gloves.
Sound Management: Despite its open design, the helmet offers an 80% reduction in noise due to its snug fit and strategic design, enhancing the riding experience.

The Bell Rogue MC Helmet is ideal for riders looking for a helmet that combines the practicality of a full helmet with the freedom of a half helmet, making it a unique and versatile choice for motorcycle enthusiasts.

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Certifications - Casque DOT, ECE
Matériel - Casque ABS