ITP Mega Mayhem Tire

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The ITP Mega Mayhem Tire is a formidable option for ATV and UTV enthusiasts seeking aggressive performance in muddy conditions. This tire features a 1.5-inch deep tread pattern designed for exceptional acceleration and braking, balanced cornering, and a surprisingly smooth ride on hard surfaces. With a 6-ply rating, it offers durability and resistance to deformation, ensuring reliable traction and handling in the most challenging terrains​​.

Constructed with an extended-wear rubber compound, the ITP Mega Mayhem is built to last, providing both power for the muck and precision control on the trail. The tire's aggressive lug pattern can handle any type of mud, while its tread design offers a smooth ride on hard-packed terrains without compromising power. This combination of features is hard to find in a mud tire, making it a standout choice for riders​​.

Available sizes include 27-9.00-12, 27-11.00-12, 28-9.00-12, and more, with weights ranging from approximately 28.3 lbs to 34.5 lbs, depending on the tire size. This range allows riders to select the perfect fit for their vehicle and riding style, whether tackling soft terrains or exploring uncharted trails​​.

Its exceptional performance in mud, coupled with its ability to deliver a smooth ride on other surfaces, makes it a top choice for those seeking versatile off-road tires

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