Michelin Pilot Street Tire

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The Michelin Pilot Street Tire is a premium touring tire designed for motorcycles, offering a balance of grip, comfort, and longevity. Ideal for daily commuting and longer trips, this tire ensures reliable performance in both wet and dry conditions, inspired by Michelin's MotoGP™ technology.


Enhanced Wet Grip: The tread pattern features small central grooves and progressive side grooves designed to optimize water evacuation, providing excellent grip on wet surfaces.
Long-lasting Performance: Built with a durable compound that offers extended mileage, making it a cost-effective choice for regular riders.
Stable Handling: Offers consistent stability and agility, ensuring a comfortable ride even at higher speeds and during sharp maneuvers.
Sport Touring Design: The design and construction are inspired by Michelin's high-performance sport touring tires, ensuring top-notch performance.


Tire Sizes: Available in multiple sizes including 110/70-17, 140/70-17, 130/70-17, and more.
Tire Type: Tubeless
Construction: Radial
Load Rating: Varies by size
Speed Rating: Varies by size
Intended Use: Suitable for sport touring motorcycles and scooters

Michelin, a leading tire manufacturer, is renowned for its innovative and high-quality products. The Pilot Street Tire reflects Michelin's commitment to safety and performance. Reviews from various sources highlight the tire's reliable performance in both wet and dry conditions, with users praising its stability and long-lasting nature. Michelin’s expertise in tire technology and continuous improvement processes ensure the Pilot Street Tire meets the high standards expected by riders. The Michelin Pilot Street Tire is a reliable choice for motorcyclists seeking a durable and high-performing tire for everyday use. Its advanced design ensures safety and comfort, making it an excellent option for both city and highway riding.

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