Tubliss Rim Lock System, 21"

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TRACTION IS THE KEY TO PERFORMANCE! Rip holeshots, double from the inside line, dominate slippery single track, smoke the competition and have more fun! Tubliss replaces conventional inner tubes with a small red 100 psi insert that creates two different pressure zones inside the tire itself. This enables an incredible 100 PSI of rim protection, increased tire stability and eliminates pinch flats. In turn, this allows you to run very low tire pressure for massive gains in traction and a much plusher ride. Dollar for dollar, no other bolt-on product can compare in providing so many HUGE TANGIBLE BENEFITS!

  • High pressure rim lock and seal that secures the entire tire bead to the rim, completely eliminating the use of a conventional tube.
  • Allows you to run a low tire pressure (as low as 10 psi), dramatically improving traction.
  • The 100 psi inner bladder clamps the entire bead and side wall of the tire to the rim, providing full bead lock performance.
  • Holds the tire firmly and makes the sidewalls stay upright and absorb the full impact, unlike bending and deflection you get with conventional tubes.
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Plus d'infos
Diamètre - Pneu 21"
Mfg. Part Number TU21