Shinko 230 Tour Master Tire

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The Shinko 230 Tour Master tires are designed for long-distance and high-speed riding, offering a dependable choice for motorcyclists seeking performance and durability. These tires are particularly favored by cruiser bike enthusiasts for their robust build and reliable handling. Shinko's dedication to quality and value is evident in the 230 Tour Master tires. These tires balance cost-effectiveness with performance, offering features that are typically found in more expensive models. This makes them a popular choice among riders looking for reliable tires that do not break the bank.

Durability and Performance: The Shinko 230 Tour Master tires are built to handle significant weight and stress, suitable for long rides. Their design ensures prolonged tread life and exceptional handling in both wet and dry conditions​​.
Tread Design: They feature a staggered tread pattern which contributes to a quiet ride and enhanced water dispersion, increasing grip and safety during wet weather riding​​.
Material Quality: Made from high-quality compounds, these tires are manufactured in the United States, emphasizing durability without compromising performance​​.
Variety of Sizes: The tires come in various sizes, accommodating a wide range of motorcycles. They are compatible with both tube and tubeless setups, giving riders flexible options based on their bike's requirements​.
Aesthetic Options: Available in different styles including blackwall, wide whitewall, and narrow whitewall, allowing riders to match the tires aesthetically with their motorcycles.

The Shinko 230 Tour Master tires are acclaimed for their ability to enhance the riding experience through improved grip, stability, and longevity, making them a wise choice for riders who cover long distances.

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