Shinko SR777 Series Tire

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The Shinko SR777 tires are specially designed for cruiser motorcycles, providing robust performance with a focus on longevity and stability. These tires are highly regarded for their balance of cost-efficiency and durable build, making them a popular choice for both everyday riders and cruiser enthusiasts.

Durability and Comfort: Built to last, the SR777 tires feature a high-quality rubber compound that ensures prolonged tire life and reduced frequency of replacements, maximizing value for money.
Stability and Load Handling: Equipped with a reinforced carcass and aramid belting, these tires support higher load capacities and offer enhanced stability, which is crucial for cruiser motorcycles​​.
Traction Control: The tread design incorporates functional siping and grooves that enhance traction in both wet and dry conditions, ensuring a safe and responsive riding experience​​.
Aesthetic Variety: Available in both black and vivid white sidewall options, the SR777 tires allow riders to choose according to their styling preferences, contributing to the motorcycle's overall aesthetic​​.

Shinko Tires, the manufacturer of SR777, blends Japanese engineering with South Korean production excellence. Established in 1946 and having acquired motorcycle tire technology from Yokohama Rubber Co. in 1998, Shinko has a long-standing reputation for quality and innovation in tire manufacturing. This background underlines the brand's commitment to delivering performance and reliability through advanced tire technology.

Types: Available in various sizes and for both front and rear fitments, catering to a wide range of cruiser motorcycles.
Construction: Tubeless, with 4 or 6 ply rating options, providing versatility for different riding demands and conditions.
Speed Ratings: Available in multiple speed ratings to accommodate diverse performance requirements​​.

These features and the robust support from Shinko Tires through comprehensive warranty terms make the SR777 a dependable choice for enhancing the performance and appearance of cruiser bikes.

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