EPI Performance Ez Greaser 30mm

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  • Designed to allow servicing of Arctic Cat, Can-Am, Kawasaki & Yamaha 30MM ID wheel bearings
  • Works with Arctic Cat Bearings 1402-809. EPI Bearing WE301320 or equivalent
  • Works with Can-Am Bearings 293350040 and 293350118. EPI Bearing WE301411 or equivalent
  • Works with Kawasaki Bearings 92045-0800 and 92045-0123. EPI Bearing WE301320 or equivalent
  • Works with Yamaha bearing 93305-00602-00. EPI bearing WE301320 or equivalent
  • High quality CNC machined with precision drilled grease channel
  • Remove the wheel, brake caliper, hub and spindle or the wheel shaft. Insert greaser tool and use your grease gun to pack your wheel bearings
  • Quick and easy way to extend the life of your wheel bearings
  • This part will not fit over the wheel shaft. On some models the spindle or the wheel shaft will need to be removed to gain access to the bearings the spindle or the wheel shaft will need to be removed to gain access to the bearing
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