Sno-Stuff Big Wheel Shop Dolly

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This isn’t your average “run of the mill” shop dolly. Large diameter, narrow profile, and high strength wheels. These wheels allow for dramatic ease of motion over large obstacles, gravel, snow, slush or garage thresholds. The high-pressure tires withstand the extreme weight of today’s heaviest sleds without as much as a whimper. Another revolutionary design feature is our “swept back” design, which aids in leverage for easy lifting. It also makes handlebar and windshield clearance problems a thing of the past because the balance point is achieved without the cross bar ever coming close to the handlebars or windshield. People with handlebar hooks, riser blocks, flared or high windshields will notice this benefit immediately.

  • Yellow finish.
  • Super duty polymer wheels.
  • Remote activated industry exclusive leg extension kit for A-arm suspension.
  • Big wheels for easier handling.
  • Solid rubber tires for maximum durability and weight capacity .
  • Large diameter heavy gauge tube construction.
  • Swept back design for easier lifting.
  • Quick, adjustable lift strap.
  • Rubber protected lift tubes.
  • PVC coated lift hook.
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