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MBRP Performance Exhaust (Race)

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MBRP Ski-doo 850 Race Exhaust - Loud? Definitely! Performance gains? Oh you bet! Recommend for racing or off trail riding.

  • 3 HP Gain 
  • 304 Stainless 
  • 9 Pound weight savings 
  • Aggressive Sound & responsiveness 
  • No clutching or tuning 
  • 2 Year warranty

**NOTE: Some jetting changes may be required on some models in certain riding conditions. Fuel tuning may be required on some EFI models. See Dobeck Electronic Jet Kits to to take full advantage of upgrading from a stock exhaust. Performance exhausts may not be legal in your area. Please check with your local authority for any such restrictions. **

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Mfg. Part Number1320309