Memphis Shades Batwing Fairing - MEM7091

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Aerodynamic shape with an inner structure constructed of black textured ABS and outer structure of opaque black Lucite with a finish that can be painted but is designed to look great as is.

33 1/2" wide and 17" tall (excluding windshield and wind deflectors, sold separately).

Predrilled and fitted with push-out hole plugs for easy deflector installation.

How to order
  1. Batwing fairing
  2. Trigger-Lock mount kit specific to bike model (sold separately); softail models also require turn signal relocation kit (sold separately)
  3. Windshield of your preference height and color (sold separately)

Batwing Fairing is not compatible with any other fairing windshields, wind deflectors, or accessories.

More Information
Tint - WindshieldsBlack
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