Seizmik Wide Angle Rearview Pro-Fit MIrror - 18054

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The wide angle rearview mirror is the perfect rearview mirror for UTVs. It has an incredible range of adjustments. The double ball joint allows the rider to position the mirror in any configuration they choose and the friction pads inside the ball joints keep the mirror from moving on rough trails. The oversized convex viewing surface reduces vibration and allows the rider to see anything happening behind them. The all steel clamp, shaft and bracket create a heavy duty mirror that can really take a beating.

  • Flip-back, fold-away feature to prevent damage on impact.
  • Shatter resistant safety glass and high impact ABS housing.
  • Convex mirror for wider viewing angles and image stability.
  • Mount designed specifically for Ranger XP 900 provides maximum strength and durability.
  • Tension adjuster to keep mirror swing stiff, no floppy mirrors.
  • Durable steel 1.75" clamp is designed to provide a strong grip and keep the mirror stable on the roughest terrain.
  • Simple one screw installation.
  • Double Ball Joints give the Wide Angle Rear View Mirror very high adjustability.
  • Sold in pairs.
  • Mirror Dimensions 10"L x 4"H.
More Information
Mfg. Part Number18054
Shape - MirrorSquare
Position - MirrorMiddle