SuperATV Adjustable Lift Kit - LKACT

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We’ve taken the traditional and made it EXCEPTIONAL. SuperATVhave the experience required to make a true 2"-3” lift for the Arctic Cat Wildcat Trail without fudging the numbers. With bulletproof design, perfect handling, and an easy ride, you’ll be wondering how any Trail drives without one. No Compromise SuperATVdon’t compromise onSuperATVlifts and neither should you. SuperATVlift gives you a full 3” of lift without sacrifice your ride performance—keep your turning radius and your smooth suspension! SuperATVuse 3/16” heavy-duty steel plating to ensure that it can handle whatever bumps or collisions come your way. Other guys come up short, compromise your feel, and don’t use materials that can take a beating. With SuperATV you get the best—you get confidence.
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