SuperATV High Clearance Rear A-Arms for Polaris - AAPRAN09XPRHC02

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Who doesn't want extra clearance. SuperATV's Ranger Fullsize high clearance rear arms take your machine to unmatched style and performance. With an additional 1.5" of added clearance, you'll clear obstacles that would once get you down. Backed by a lifetime warranty and featuring larger tubing, the unique dual bend design arms are carefully crafted to maintain factory steering geometry. What does that mean for you? SuperATV precision engineered a arms have no added wear and tear on important component, such as axles and bushings, to keep your wheel turning longer. Industry Leading Adjustability SuperATV Ranger Fullsize rear a arms feature the industry leading Adjustable Pivot Blocks. Unlike others, SuperATV arms allow you to custom tailor your ride to fit your individual riding needs. Add a lift, new shocks, or larger tires and eliminate premature tire wear, often caused from misalignment, and keep the ride quality you want.
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