Super ATV Lift Kit - LKPRAN900133

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We’ve taken traditional and made it EXCEPTIONAL withSuperATV3” lift kit for the Polaris Ranger 1000 from SuperATV. SuperATV know exactly where to bend and cut to give you a true, full 3” lift because we’ve got decades of engineering and lift making experience under SuperATV belts.

Work Better, Play Harder

Whether you use your Ranger 1000 for work or for play, this lift will make your life better. Get the extra clearance you need to navigate uneven terrain on the farm. When you take it on the trail, you’ll have the freedom to tackle tougher trails and bigger obstacles. When you go big, you’ll have the confidence to ride anywhere.

The SuperATV Difference

Some other lifts out there advertise themselves as a 3” lift but you’re lucky to get 2” thanks to subpar bracket geometry. SuperATV give you a true 3” of lift which gives you room enough for 30” tires on 2018 machines and 28.5" on 2017 machines. SuperATV kit comes complete with all hardware, brackets, and instructions making this an easy installation. Plus,S uperATV won’t leave you hanging—this lift comes with a lifetime warranty! You bend it, you break it, SuperATV replace it.

Note:Does not fit with electrical dump bed on 2017 models. Some trimming of the OEM plastic CV shield may be required on 2018 models.

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Mfg. Part NumberLKPRAN900133