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Dayco RPX Snow Belt for Arctic Cat - RPX5032

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The all new Dayco Racing RPX™ belt, the official belt of the CSRA Snow Cross Racers was specifically engineered to provide maximum performance under the most extreme racing conditions. Beating the competition on the race course is just one of its several advantages. The RPX™ belt is made up of a specially blended polymer compound, making it the strongest aramid belt available in the market today.

Key Features
  • Precisely Pre-formed Cogs: Maximized flexibility and cooler running to extend belt life
  • High Twist Aramid Cord: Provides increased strength under tension
  • Specialized Polymer Blended Compound: Allows for quicker upshifts and downshifts and increased engine
  • Engineered Design: Maximum flexibility extends belt life while delivering consistent performance
More Information
Mfg. Part NumberRPX5032
Top Width1.45"
Outside Circumference46"