Pro Circuit R-304 Silencer for Honda CR250R - SH02250-RE

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  • The R-304 Shorty silencer was developed as a full-race two-stroke silencer and was designed to increase power over stock exhaust
  • The compact design of the short aluminum canister offers optimum performance gains and is recommended for closed-course racing only
  • Canister is made out of lightweight 6061-T6 aluminum with brushed finish
  • High-strength aluminum rivets and R-304 Shorty features steel Allen-head screws for easy disassembly and repacking
  • PC logo detailing
  • Carbon-aramid fiber silencers feature a carbon-aramid fiber shell, titanium tubing and titanium end caps; optimum performance gains while reducing weight 
  • Hex head screws are used to secure the inlet cap and can be removed easily for quick re-packing of the silencer
  • 304 stainless steel intake tube
  • Double-walled mounting brackets
  • E-Glass internal packing for maximum packing
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Mfg. Part NumberSH02250-RE