Dunlop D404 OEM Replacement Tire

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The Dunlop D404 tire is renowned for its versatility and performance across a broad spectrum of standard, cruiser, and older motorcycles. It's particularly noted for providing a balanced combination of durability, grip, and rider comfort, making it a preferred choice for budget-conscious riders. Dunlop's D404 tires are developed with a focus on high mileage and grip balance. The construction includes a blend of natural and synthetic rubber, enhancing the longevity and flexibility of the tires. Dunlop’s reputation for quality and innovation in motorcycle tires is supported by their consistent delivery of reliable and durable products suitable for a range of motorcycle types.

All-Season Performance: The D404 tires are designed for year-round use, providing reliable performance under various road conditions. The tread pattern is optimized to enhance water evacuation and improve wet grip, ensuring safer rides in adverse weather conditions​​.
High Load Capacity: With its bias-ply construction, the D404 is capable of carrying heavy loads, making it suitable for a wide variety of motorcycles. This design contributes to the tire's durability and stability, ensuring a smooth and comfortable ride​​.
Stability and Comfort: The offset center groove in the tread design enhances straight-line stability, which is crucial for maintaining control and comfort during rides​​.

Construction Type: Bias-ply, which provides a smooth ride and is able to support heavier loads compared to radial tires.
Suitability: Ideal for non-Harley Davidson standard bikes, cruisers, and vintage motorcycles. It is important to note that these tires are not recommended for Harley Davidson motorcycles due to their specific load requirements​.
Speed Rating: H-rated, suitable for speeds up to 130 mph, ensuring performance and safety for high-speed cruising​​.

The Dunlop D404 offers a practical and economical tire choice for riders looking to balance cost with performance on a variety of motorcycle models.

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