Interco Swamp Lite Tire

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The Interco Swamp Lite ATV tire enhances the off-road performance tradition with its versatile design suitable for mud, snow, and hard-pack surfaces. This tire stands out for its 6-ply rating, which contributes to an excellent, versatile performance and lighter ground disturbance compared to many other tires​ (Interco Tire)​.

Interco Swamp Lite tires receive high marks for their off-road capabilities, particularly in handling trails in all weather conditions. The tire's 6-ply rating and multi-thread design offer great performance on mud with self-cleaning capabilities, ensuring minimal dirt disturbance on hardpack trails. The powerfully designed side-ruts allow for excellent handling and drifting, even in challenging terrains like sand or gravel. However, they might not perform as well in extremely deep mud. The tire's tread design facilitates easier reversing, adding to its versatility​ (Tires Globe)​.

Ply Rating: 6
Belt Type: Bias
Tire Position: Available for Front, Front/Rear, Rear
DOT Compliant: No
Weight: Varies by SKU, ranging from 14.00 lbs to 38.00 lbs
Vehicle Type Compatibility: ATV, UTV

Additional specifications include a range of sizes to fit different vehicle needs, from 22x11.00-10 to 29.5x10.00-12. Each tire size has specific weight details and is designed for optimal performance across a variety of surfaces, ensuring a smooth ride and high puncture resistance.

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