ITP Mud Lite XL Tire

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The ITP Mud Lite XL Tire is a high-performance, all-conditions tire renowned for its capability in mud, making it an ideal choice for trail enthusiasts who encounter various terrains. It features cutting-edge technology for superior all-around performance, marked by its distinctive tread pattern with angled shoulder lugs that enhance traction and handling. With 1-1/8 inch lugs and a 6-ply rating, this tire promises durability and a lighter ride compared to its counterparts. Its unique center tread contact area is designed to provide a smoother, more radial-like ride​​.

The Mud Lite XL Tire comes in a variety of sizes and specifications to suit different vehicles, including ATVs and UTVs. It boasts an extended-wear rubber compound for longevity and better value, making it a budget-friendly option without compromising on quality. The tire's design facilitates easy mud slinging while ensuring a comfortable and smooth ride on trails​.

Furthermore, the ITP Mud Lite series, including the XL, features a dynamic V-shaped tread pattern. This pattern helps the tire scoop out obstacles such as mud, water, snow, or rocks, allowing for increased ground contact and consequently, better handling. The tires are equipped with sufficient lug heights to maintain forward motion in damp and slippery conditions, ensuring reliable performance across various surfaces​ (Home | Hunt or Shred)​.

The ITP Mud Lite XL Tire range offers a wide selection. This includes sizes from 25x8-12NHS to 28x12-14NHS, with weights ranging approximately from 18 lbs to over 31 lbs, indicating the tire's adaptability to diverse vehicle requirements​.

Overall, the ITP Mud Lite XL Tire is celebrated for its performance in both moderate and challenging terrains, offering an exceptional blend of durability, traction, and comfort for off-road enthusiasts.

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